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Scalise, George oral history

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During his long career in the information technology industry, George Scalise held senior positions at Motorola Semiconductor, Fairchild Semiconductor, Advanced Micro Devices Semiconductor, National Semiconductor, Maxtor, and Apple Computer. Additionally, Mr. Scalise served as president of the Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA) for thirteen years. There he directed activities related to International Trade & Government Affairs, Workforce, Technology, Environmental Safety & Health, and Communications.

During his years as an industry executive, Mr. Scalise gained respect as a technology industry spokesman in Washington, D.C. He served on the boards of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, SEMATECH, Semiconductor Research Corporation, the Bay Area Economic Forum, and the Council on Foreign Relations Economic Task Force on Japan. Mr. Scalise was also a member of the Joint High-Level Advisory Panel of the United States-Israel Science and Technology Commission; the Secretary of Energy Advisory Board; US Department of Energy; and President Bush's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology. He served on the California Council on Science and Technology, 1996-2002.




Laws, David, Interviewer
Scalise, George, Interviewee


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California


41 p.




Scalise, George; semiconductor history; alloyed-diffused devices; ASIC technology; complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS); corporate taxes - global comparison; data storage; diodes; disk drive industry; fabless semiconductor companies; fabless semiconductor business model; germanium mesa technology; germanium transistors; glass to metal seals; gold ball bonding; integrated device manufacturers (IDMs); intellectual property (IP) protection; mask design; mask design copyright; point of contact diode; process technology; semiconductor industry; semiconductor packaging; semiconductor workplace safety; U.S. university research system; U.S. semiconductor competiveness; wedge bonds; zener diodes; Amelio, Gilbert; Baldridge, Mac; Barrett, Craig; Bush, Vannevar; Castrucci, Paul; Corrigan, Wilf; Hogan, Lester; Knowles, Harry; Noyce, Robert; Rubenstein, Jon; Sanders, Jerry; Spencer, Bill; Sporck, Charlie; Tavanian, Avie; Welty, John; Yeutter, Clayton; Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD); AMD memory business; Apple Computer, Inc.; CBS Electronics; CBS Hytron; Chip Protection Act; Data General Corporation (DG); Fairchild Semiconductor; Fairchild Japan factory; Federal Reserve Board of San Francisco; Focus Center Research Program; General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT); Intel; Jazz Semiconductor; Mac OS8; Maxtor; Microsoft-Apple issues; Miniscribe; MITI; Moore's Law; Motorola Semiconductor; National Semiconductor Corporation; Next OS; Power PC microprocessor; President's Council of Advisors on Science and Technology (PCAST); Purdue University; Raytheon Corporation; SEMATECH; Semiconductor Industry Association (SIA); SIA government initiatives; Semiconductor Research Corporation; Sony; Sylvania; Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI); Tower Semiconductor; U.S. Congressional Support Committee; U.S. - Japan Chip Wars; Western Electric; World Semiconductor Council; World Trade Organization (WTO)

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Oral history collection

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