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Semiconductor test equipment development oral history panel

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Burlison, Phillip, Interviewee
Gillette, Garry, Interviewee
Healy, James (Jim) T., Interviewee
Morrow, Dan, Interviewee
Sakamoto, Paul, Moderator
Sello, Harry, Interviewee

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California

37 p.


Six veteran test equipment pioneers, Phillip Burlison, Garry Gillette, Jim Healy, Dan Morrow, Harry Sello, and Paul Sakamoto engage in a wide-ranging discussion of the evolution and interrelationships of the semiconductor test equipment and semiconductor technologies and industries. They draw upon their personal experiences as they relate the stories of the huge changes that they experienced in the philosophy and technology of testing over the last forty-five years (1965-2009).

Each of them began their careers when individual diodes and transistors were being tested, then watched as the industry evolved to the testing of increasingly integrated circuits and then to on-chip testing (built-in). They used early, small bench top testing devices, moved to very sophisticated automated test equipment and are ending their careers watching on-chip self testing being adopted.




Burlison, Phillip; Gillette, Garry; Healy, Jim; Morrow, Dan; Sello, Harry; Sakamoto, Paul; AMD; Credence Systems; Dana Labs; Fairchild Semiconductor; GenRad; IBM; Intel; Logic Vision; LTX; Macrodata; Megatest; National Semiconductor Corporation; OpTest; Pacific Western Systems; Parallel Systems; Shockley Labs; Signetics; Tektronix; Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI); Teradyne; Trillium; Xincom; Greenwich, Vic; Hewlett, William; Hogan, Lester; Moore, Gordon; Shockley, William; analog testers; ATE; automated test equipment; CMOS; COCOM; digital signal processing; DRAMs; DSPs; diodes; memories; Microprocessors; parallel testers; x86 architecture; self testers; transistors; testers; VLSI circuits; semiconductor history

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Oral history collection

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