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Ross, Ian oral history

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Ross, Ian, Interviewee
Terman, Lewis, Interviewer

Computer History Museum

Piscataway, New Jersey

36 p.


Ian Ross joined Bell Telephone Laboratories in 1952 where he worked on the development of a wide variety of semiconductor devices. In 1959, he became Director of the Semiconductor Laboratory at Murray Hill, New Jersey, and three years later Director of the Semiconductor Device and Electron Tube Laboratory in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In 1964, he was appointed Managing Director of Bellcom, and became President of Bellcom in 1968. In 1971 he returned to Bell Labs as Executive Director of the network planning division and was promoted to Bell Labs Vice President in 1973, Executive Vice President in 1976 and President in 1979. Mr. Ross retired in 1992. The interview was conducted by Lewis Terman who joined the IBM research division in 1961 and worked on semiconductor devices, technology, circuits and design until retiring in 2006. He served as President of the IEEE in 2008.




MOSFET; Telestar; Solar cells; Western Electric; AT&T; NASA; silicon; photolithography; Ross, Ian; Bell Labs; Murray Hill; Bellcom; Bellcore; Cambridge University; semiconductor history; PNPN diode; transistor; Shockley, William; Bardeen, John; Brattain, Walter H.; Teal, Gordon; Pearson, Gerald; Morton, Jack; Unipolar; Atalla, John; Early, Jim; Noyce, Robert (Bob); integrated circuit; Epitaxial

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Oral history collection

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