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Severino, Paul J. oral history : part one

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Hendrie, Gardner, Interviewer; Cameraperson
Severino, Paul, Interviewee

Computer History Museum

Concord, Massachusetts

61 p.


Paul Severino was born in 1946 in Patterson, N.J. He went to a trade school where he studied electronics. He attended Fairleigh Dickinson College for two years before transferring to Rensslaer Polytechnic Institute to study electrical engineering. After receiving his degree in 1969, He went to work for Digital Equipment Corporation where he designed interface boards for the PDP-11. In 1972 he left Digital for Prime Computer which was designing a Honeywell minicomputer replacement. There he designed interface boards including I/O and A to D converters. In 1974 he left Prime for a start-up company, Data Translation. They were building A to D converter boards for the Intel platform. Severino became Vice President of Engineering and by 1980 helped build the company to $10 million in revenue. In 1981 he left Data Translation to cofound Interlan Inc., a minicomputer networking company. Their product was an Ethernet board that could connect multiple minicomputers together to form a network. The company was very successful and in 1985 it was sold to MiCom. Paul then cofounded Wellfleet Communications in 1986 to design internetworking products. The company was extremely successful and for two years in a row was Fortune Magazines fastest growing company. By 1994 they had $500 million in revenue.




Severino, Paul; Digital Equipment Corporation; PDP-11; Prime Computer, Inc.; Data Translation; Interlan Inc.; Ethernet (Local area network system)

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Oral history collection

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