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Stein, Jeffrey oral history

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Jeffery Stein has been an innovative and creative participant in the computer software and services industry with significant technical and business contributions. He worked in San Francisco most of the time. He also worked in Europe for CEIR. In 1960 he started as a machine room operator and became a self-taught programmer. While working for CEIR in 1962, he created a report generator for the IBM 1401 that led to the creation of the company ADPAC [by Peter Harris]. From 1963 to 1965 he worked for CEIR in London and Paris.

Returning to California in 1965 he worked for several professional services organizations and during that time he was responsible for the development of an online transaction processing application. In 1970 he formed On-Line Business Systems, an online transaction data services company, the first of its kind to offer real time business applications with an original and unusual business model. The company was self-financed and its primary service offering was online transaction processing using IBM’s CICS. Multiple additional streams of revenue were developed to take advantage of unused computer time. On line Business Systems completed a major acquisition of OSI in 1980. The company was then sold in 1989. Jeffery Stein is currently Chairman of the Board of the IT History Society which he founded.




Grad, Burton, Interviewer
LaHay, Edward, Editor
Stein, Jeffrey, Interviewee


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California


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ADPAC; Affiliated Computer Services; Aspray, Bill; Battelle Memorial Institute; CEIR; Ceruzzi, Paul; Charles Babbage Foundation; Charles Babbage Institute; CICS; Comdisco Ventures; Computer Sciences Corporation; Convene; Cornfield, Bernie; Davis, Keith; Deason, Darwin; Eichler, Don; Evers, Bill; Galler, Bernie; Glaser, George; Goldstein, Bernie; Greyhound Computer Leasing; Harris, Peter; Hodge, Julian; Intersil; IT History Society; Jewell, Raymond; MANMAN (manufacturing system); Mintz, Gil; Murchison, Clint; My Weekly Reader; Myers, Gary; On-Line Business Systems; Penley, Foster; Robinson, Dr. H.R.W.; Rollins, John W., Jr.; Stanford University; Stein, Jeffery; US Leasing; Wilbur

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Oral history collection

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