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Hackers and phishers and carders–oh my!

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Cole, David, Speaker
Parrella, Mathew, Speaker
Plonk, Audrey, Speaker
Poulsen, Kevin, Speaker


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California






Event abstract: Stalking, scams, theft, underhanded business tactics, vandalism and the like have existed for millennia, and have found ways to exploit emerging technologies from check writing to the telegraph. The Internet age is no exception.

A fair amount of early cyber crime fit the popular image of the pimply-faced teenager in his bedroom, breaking into government networks for the thrill of it. But today, a growing class of professional criminals is targeting ordinary users and their private information. Some work alone, while others are part of organized crime groups. Their profits may rival those of illegal drug trafficking. This underground economy has matured into a self-sustaining and geographically diverse global network. These criminals use a variety of techniques including phony e-mails (phishing), fake web sites, online ads and mal-ware snuck onto legitimate websites. While we're uploading, downloading, transferring and sharing our most personal information, sophisticated criminals may be lurking on the other side of the screen.
The panel examines the kinds of threats out there, how they've evolved, and what the future may hold. It also tackles some of the key questions around cybercrime today: Are there steps individuals should take to protect themselves? How important a threat is cyber-terrorism? Can society combat cybercrime in ways that don't restrict the net's openness or personal civil liberties?

The panelists are: Dave Cole, Sr. Director, Symantec Consumer Products; Matthew Parrella, Assistant United States Attorney: Computer Hacking/Intellectual Property (CHIP) Unit; and Audrey Plonk, Global Security and Internet Policy Specialist, Intel Corporation. Kevin Poulsen, Senior Editor, WIRED Magazine, moderates the discussion.

Watch this event on the Computer History Museum's YouTube channel.




antivirus; virus; hackers; civil liberty; Internet; web; Cole, David; Plonk, Audrey; Parrella, Mathew; Poulsen, Kevin; hacking; security; cybercrime; cyberterrorism; terrorism; identity theft; malware; phishing; crime

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