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Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) workshop : IBM

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A number of ex-IBM employees covered a wide range of topics about how IBM Research developed SQL and System R and the role that IBM's Research Division played in getting IBM to finally announce and deliver relational database products: SQL/DS and DB2. There is a lengthy discussion of Query by Example (QBE) by its creator and a discussion of why it didn't get accepted as a product by any of the IBM operating divisions in spite of its strong support of the relational model developed by Ted Codd. The dominance of IMS in IBM's thinking and its impact on the lack of resources assigned to relational products, particularly the concern for possible erosion of IBM's enterprise MVS position, was explored. The focus in IBM Research of providing software which could be turned into products was examined and its effect in lessening the true research type of projects in the Research Division. Various methods for integrating research and development activities in IBM were also discussed. The discussion also highlights the problem of inter-organizational communications in an organization as large (and as balkanized) as IBM.




Bergin, Thomas (Tim), Editor
Blasgen, Michael W., Participant
Bohl, Marilyn, Participant
Capek, Peter G., Participant; Historian
Chamberlin, Donald, Participant
Codd, Sharon, Participant
Date, Chris J., Participant
Grad, Burt, Moderator; Editor
Haderle, Don, Participant
Haigh, Thomas, Historian
Lindsay, Bruce, Participant
Phillips, Jan, SI SIG member
Strickland, Jim, Participant
Zloof, Moshe, Participant


Computer History Museum

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Mountain View, California


32 p.




ADABAS; AIX; Akers, John; Alpha (data language); AS/400; Ashton-Tate; Bachman, Charles; Baker, Jerry; Bertram, Jack; Blasgen, Michael; Boeing; Bohl, Marilyn; Cambridge Science Center (IBM); Cannavino Jim; Capek, Peter; Cary, Frank; Case, Dick; Chamberlin, Don; Chandra, Ashok; Cincom; Codd, Sharon; Codd, Ted; Dash, John; Data Base Technical Institute (DBTI, IBM); Data Processing Division (DPD, IBM); dBase; Date, C.J. (Chris); DB2; Decca, Ken; Departmental Systems; DiskScribe; DOS; Endicott (IBM); Ellison, Larry; enterprise systems; Ferdinand, Gary; Field Engineering Division (FE, IBM); FOCUS; Frame, Jim; Gamma Zero; General Systems Division (GSD, IBM); General Product Division (GPD, IBM); Gerstner, Lou; Gomory, Ralph; Grad, Burton; Gray, Jim; GUIDE; Haderle, Don; Haigh, Thomas; IBM; IBM Research; IBM System 3; IBM System 7; IBM System 32; IBM System 34; IBM System 36; IBM System 38; IBM System 4300; IBM System 8100; IBM System 360; IBM System 370; IDS; IDMS, IDMS-R; IDUG; IMS; Informix; Jolls, Bob; Kanji; King, Frank; Lindsay, Bruce; Lorie, Raymond; Mark IV; Microsoft; Model/204; MVS; NOMAD; Obermark, Ron; Office by Example (OBE); Oracle; OS/2; Performance; Phase Zero; Phillips, Jan; PL/I; PL/S; Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company; Putzolu, Franco; Query By Example (QBE); RAMIS; RDS; RPG; RISC machines; RSS; San Jose (IBM); Santa Teresa (IBM); Selinger, Pat; SHARE; SQL (Sequel); SQL/DS; Starburst; Strickland, Jim; Supra; Sybase; System R; Tandem Computer; TOTAL; Traiger, Irv; UNIX; Upjohn Drug Company; VM; XRM (XRAM); Yorktown (IBM); Zloof, Moshe

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Oral history collection


Software Industry Special Interest Group

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