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Relational Database Management System (RDBMS) workshop : Ingres and Sybase

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Ances, Carol Anne, Editor
Batti, Greg, Participant
Bohl, Marilyn, Participant
Butterworth, Paul, Participant
Held, Jerry, Participant
Hoffman, Mark, Participant
Jerger, Douglas, Moderator
Johnson, Luanne, Participant
Mahoney, Michael, Historian
Rowe, Lawrence (Larry), Participant
Schachter, Oscar H., Editor
Schuster, Stu, Participant
Sippl, Roger, Participant
Weiss, Steve, Participant

Computer History Museum

Mountain View, California

40 p.


Early employees of Ingres and Sybase talk about how both companies were started and how they developed. Those involved with Ingres talk about its beginning as the Berkeley Ingres Project under UNIX on PDP-11s. Larry Rowe then discusses how Relational Technology (later changed to Ingres) started as a company to market Ingres as a commercial product and port it to other platforms. The founders of Sybase then talk about how they founded the company and their relationship with Microsoft for what became Microsoft SQL Server. They discuss how the companies developed and the significance of the benchmark tests in validating the products. Finally, they talk about how Ingres was sold to ASK and how Sybase grew after it became a public company.




Jerger, Doug; Batti, Greg; Bohl, Marilyn; Butterworth, Paul; Held, Jerry; Hoffman, Mark; Rowe, Larry; Schuster, Stu; Sippl, Roger; Weiss, Steve; Johnson, Luanne; Mahoney, Michael; ASK; Britton Lee, Inc.; Codd, Ted; Date, C.J. (Chris); Dewitt Benchmark; Informix Corporation; Ingres Corporation; Oracle Corporation; Query Optimization; Silver Bullet; SQL; SQL/DS; Sybase Corporation; System R; Tandem Computer; Transaction processing; UC Berkeley; UNIX

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Oral history collection


Software Industry Special Interest Group

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