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SIGGRAPH Video Review: Issue #38/39

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From front of Table of Contents included wtih cartridge (Issue #38): "Opening Animation - James Dixon, Pacific Data Images 1. Technological Threat - Expanded Entertainment 2. Key Change - Rod G. Bogart, University of Utah 3. Mickey Mouth - Harold Harris, Topix 4. VH1 Demo 5. Mathematica - The Theorem of Pythagoras - Jim Blinn, Caltech 6. 'Flying Logos, Inc.' - Peter Conn, Homer & Assoc. 7. NCSA Scientific Visualization 1988 8. Jumpin' Jacques Splash - Xavier Nicolas, Sogitec 9. CT6 Automobile - John A. Briggs, Evans and Sutherland 10. Broken Heart - Joan I. Staveley, Ohio State University 11. Digital Pictures Ads - Julian Woodfield, Digital Pictures 12. The Art Dream - David Haxton, William Paterson College 13. Great Train Rubbery - Brian Wyvill, University of Calgary 14. Krypto and the Supremes - Henri Seydoux, BSCA 15. Burning Love - Nancy St. John, Pacific Data Images 16. Organic Architecture - Ned Greene, NYIT Computer Graphics Lab 17. Sextone for President - Jeff Kleiser/Diana Walczak, Kleiser-Walczak Construction Co. 18. Stuff We Did - Nancy St. John, Pacific Data Images 19. Links Corporation Demo Reel for SIGGRAPH '88 - Kinji Odaka, Links Corp., An Imagica Company 20. Embryo - Yoichi Kawaguchi, Kawaguchi - Nippon Electronics College 21. Going Bananas - Al Barr, California Institute of Technology 22. Tin Toy - Ralph Guggenheim, Pixar"

From second page of Table of Contents included with cartridge (Issue #39): "23. Soaron and Blastarr Character Animations - Stephen Price, ARCCA Animation Inc. 24. Dinosaur Stuff - John C. Donkin, Ohio State University 25. Space Station - Thomas Casey, Production Masters, Inc. 26. Smarties 'Blue Print' - Gareth Edwards, Rboinson Lambie-Nairn, Ltd. 27. Scrubbing Bubbles - Ruedy W. Leeman, CCP 28. Footsteps - Craig Zerouni, Computer FX Ltd. 29. Beat Dedication - Bob Sabiston, Anne Russell, MIT Media Lab 30. A Close Encounter in the Fourth Dimension - Alan Norton & Evelyn Melton, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center 31. Polly Gone - Shelley Lake 32. Pencil Test - Galyn Susman, Apple Computer, Inc. 33. Function of the Brain Cells - Jules Bister, Atelier Bister - Animation Art Gmbgh 34. Rhythm & Hues SIGGRAPH Show Reel - Kathryn Riccio, Rick Ross, Rhythm & Hues, Inc. 35. Stylo - Georges Pansu, Eurocitel 36. Space-Time Constraints - Andrew Witkin, Carnegie Mellon University 37. Formation of Venus Plasma Clouds and Streams - Robert S. Wolff, Apple Computer Inc. 38. Pencil Polka - Michael McMahon, Electric Picture Works 39. Oh Atsimenu Nameli, Leslie L. Wilson 40. Natural Phenomenon - Gavin Miller, Alias Research, Inc. 41. Sio Benbor - Renato/Georges, Lacroix Fantome 42. Particle Dreams - Karl Sims, Optomystic"


Dixon, James; Chin, Adam; Slate, Amie; Expanded Entertainment; Bogart, Rod G.; Harris, Harold; Miller, Scott; Blinn, James; Conn, Peter; Fangmeier, Stefan; Nicolas, Xavier; Briggs, John A.; Staveley, Joan I.; Woodfield, Julian; Haxton, David; Wyvill, Brian; Seydoux, Henri; St John, Nancy; Greene, Ned; Kleiser, Jeff; Walczak, Diana; Odaka, Kinji; Kawaguchi, Yoichiro; Barr, Alan H.; Guggenheim, Ralph


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). SIGGRAPH

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