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SIGGRAPH Video Review: Issue #81

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R/Greenberg Associates, Inc.; MetroLight Studios; Limelight; New York Institute of Technology (NYIT); AGAVE SA; North Carolina Supercomputing Center (NCSA); Texas A&M University; Videosystem; Taisei Corporation; William Paterson College; TBS; OSTRA DELTA; Gardner, Geoffrey Y.; George Washington University; Polygon Pictures; META Corporation; Little Big One; Leroy, Guionne; La Cambre; Dai Nippon Printing Co.; Fani Films; DHD PostImage; Neurones Cartoon; Pacific Data Images


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). SIGGRAPH

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Deprecated CHM identification number VT 489.93



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Carnegie-Mellon University


From tape label: "1. Windy City 2. Coca-Cola/AMC 3. "Let's Get Rocked" 4. S.C.A.M. Starving Computer Artist's Market 5. Ex memoriam 6. Caustic Sky: A portrait of regional acid deposition 7. The Living Room 8. Rien Qu'un Souffle (A slight breeze) 9. The Seven Wonders of the World 10. The Ancient World Revisited, Part II 11. Sketches of Rome 12. Banri no Chojo (Odyssey of the Great Wall) 13. Fire and Air 14. Fractal Ellipsoid Fire 15. Sound Rendering 16. In Search of Performing Axis 17. Eccentric Dance 18. Tagada & Fugure 19. Returning Waves (Namigaeshi) 20. Bande-Annonce de la Quinzaine 21. Le Concombre Masque/The Lone Cuke 22. PDI Scenes from 'The Last Halloween' 23. Siemens 'Aliens' 24. SpaceBoy in 'SKY HIGH SCRAMBLE' 25. The Incredible Crash Dummies 26. MandelSplat 27. FIGURE to FIELD 28. Shield Soap 29. Reebok 'Cowardly Baskets'"