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SIGGRAPH Video Review: Issue #83

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Abt, Patricia A.; Animatica; Catalunya Television (TVC); SCSU Art Department; Ohio State University (OSU). Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD); Chen, Yau; Debuchi, Ryoichiro; High Tech Lab. Japan, Inc.; Eales, Ray; Evans, Brian; The Media Studio; Martins, Marcos; Moreau, Sylvain; Morse, Deanna; Paul, John W.; Pocock-Williams, Lynn; Stenger, Nicole; Apple Computer, Inc.; New York Institute of Technology (NYIT); Collins, Susan Alexis


Association for Computing Machinery (ACM). SIGGRAPH

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Deprecated CHM identification number VT 491.93




From tape label: "1. Have You Been Waiting Long? - Patricia A. ABT 2. 'Laberint,' from the series, 'Postals de Barcelona' - Animatica/TVC 3. idiolect.JAM - SCSU Art Department 4. Zen3 Tao2 - ACCAD/Ohio State University 5. CHANCEFormation - Yau Chen 6. Frozen Gods - Debuchi/High Tech Lab. Japan, Inc. 7. Venus and Mars - Ray Eales 8. acacia mosaics - Brian Evans 9. Infinity - The Media Studio 10. Falling Apart - Marcos Martins 11. Off the Map - Sylvain Moreau 12. Lost Ground - Deanna Morse 13. LIPS - John W. Paul 14. A Certain Uncertainty - Lynn Pocock-Williams 15. Angels - Nicole Stener 16. Jaguar Moon - Apple Computer, Inc. 17. S.C.A.M. Starving Computer Artist's Market - New York Institute of Technology 18. Coming Attractions - Susan Alexis Collins"