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Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of the Accidental Empire

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Moving Image


1996 ca.


Oregon Public Broadcasting

Place of Publication

Portland, OR, US


Digital Video Disc (DVD)


This three-part documentary was produced by Oregon Public Broadcasting for an audience of British public television viewers, and narrated by Robert X. Cringely. Episode 1 ("Impressing their friends") makes specific mention of the 86-DOS, Microsoft, and the IBM 8086. Episode 2 ("Riding the bear") makes specific mention of Compaq, the creation of IBM clones, competition in the PC market, and the development of Microsoft Windows. Episode 3 ("Great artists steal") makes specific mention of Steve Jobs, the Xerox Star graphical user interface, John Sculley, and the Apple Macintosh. At the time of this writing, transcripts of the documentary could be found on the PBS website at