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Mark Goldstein papers

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Goldstein, Mark

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Deprecated CHM identification number 102707342


5.21 linear feet in 4 record cartons and 1 manuscript box.


The Mark Goldstein papers consist of user manuals, catalogs, product advertisements, and reference sheets for microcomputer products from the 1970s and 1980s from various technology companies. A significant portion of the material pertains to hardware, peripheral hardware, and software for the S-100 bus home-built computers and the Apple II. Many software manuals are photocopies, not originals. Items of note include catalogs from MicroAge, S-100, 6502 Program Exchange, and Computer Learning Center, as well as program listings from the 6502 Program Exchange and Apple II programs. Apple II promotional material and technical literature, such as About Your Enhanced Apple IIe: User’s Guide (1984) and Apple II: Cable and Connector Guide (1982), are included. The collection also holds clippings and photocopied articles from 1974 to 1985 about microcomputer hardware, software, and programming, as well as newsletters, including The Digital Group Flyers #1-15 and JUDGE: Joint Users of Digital Group Equipment #1-5. In addition to the printed materials, there are approximately forty 5 ¼ inch floppy disks containing software.

Manuals and brochures for the following companies are present (incomplete list): IMSAI, North Star Computers Inc., The Digital Group, Jade Computer Products, Ithaca Audio, SD Systems, California Computer Systems, Semionics Associates, Industrial Micro Systems, Compupro/Godbout Electronics, Seals Electronics, Digital Graphic Systems, Biotech Electronics, Solid State Music, Micronics Inc., Western Digital Corporation, Dataspeed, Mullen Computer Products, Artec Electronics, National Multiplex, Byte Incorporated, Thinker Toys, Oliver Audio Engineering, SWTPC, Cromenco, Technical Design Labs, Vector Graphic Inc., Micropolis, Alpha Microsystems, Beagle Bros., Personal Software (Visicalc), Omega Microware Inc., Central Point Software, Medtronic, Continental Software, Artsci, Computer Solutions, Apple Computer, Software Masters, Stoneware, Electronic Arts, DataSoft Inc., Penguin Software, SubLogic Company, Infocom, Spinnaker Software, Virtual Combinatics, JRT Systems, Commodore Business Machines Inc., Micro Technology Unlimited, Pyramid Data Systems, MOS Technology Inc., Synertek, Quality Software, Mountain Computer Inc./Mountain Hardware, SSM Microcomputer Products Inc., Microsoft, Videx Inc., Advanced Logic Systems, Heuristics, Clear Light Inc., NuScope Associates, Processor Technology Corporation, MITS Altair, Pragmatic Designs Inc., Marinchip Systems, Ackerman Digital Systems, International Data Systems, Scion, Visicorp, Rockwell International, Microproducts, Compas, Ohio Scientific.


Manual; Promotional Material


Computer industry; Computer systems; Microcomputers--Handbooks, manuals, etc.; Apple II (computer)

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Mark Goldstein papers


Gift of Mark Goldstein

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