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BCC 500 wiring diagrams

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1969; 1970; 1972-1975

Berkeley Computer Corportation (BCC)

Identifying Numbers

Other number L00520 Drawing number for ampex core timing logic
Other number L01089.0 Drawing number for memory data parity checker sheet 2
Other number L01104.0 Drawing number for Ampex core local
Other number L01106.0 Drawing number for Local mamory data out cable card
Other number L01107.0 Drawing number for local memory back cable card

overall: 57 cm x 87 cm


Blueline prints of wiring diagrams for the BCC 500/ Aloha system.
Includes: TP2 Local control & power slot D001
Central memory interface board
Memory address parity TP2 D9
Memory data parity checker TP2 D10 (L01089.0)
Ampex core timing logic TP2 (L00520)
Typical data path in core memory
Ampex core local (L01104.0)
Local memory data out cable card (L01106.0)
Local memory data back cable card (L01107.0)
Address & control driver (L01108.0)
TTY line filter & 880 Hz. clock
Test processor-1 Teletype transmitter
Keyboard receiver
Paper tape reader cable card
Printer data mixer
Breakpoint interface
Processor to cable card


Blueprint; Design Drawing


Gift of John Flanagan

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