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Interview footage from 2001: HAL's Legacy

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Independent Communications Associates, Inc. (InCA)


Series of 29 interviews with engineers, scientists, writers, and designers discussing the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey. From the accompanying text, "How close did [the vision of Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick match the actual developments in computer science of the intervening 33 years? ... A unique and visually rich blend of science documentary, film history and celebration, 2001: HAL's Legacy will take the film's central character, the HAL 9000 computer, as a springboard for the world's leading scientists to explain the current state of areas such as artificial intelligence, computer speech and language understanding, computer vision, computer emotion, ethics and prospects for technology of the 21st century." Additional topics covered in the interviews include robotics, AI ethics, computer speech, computer face recognition, computer graphics, computer learning, neural networks, computer wearables, databases and detection, object recognition, and natural language processing.

Interviewees include Arthur C. Clarke, Daniel Dennett, Marvin Minsky, Raymond Kurzweil, the Deep Blue chess team, Gordon Bell, Gordon Moore, and more. Footage also includes demonstrations of a variety of computer systems, including COG (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), Kismet (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), Entropia (San Diego Super Computer Center), the virtual cave (Brown University), Erik the Red (robot developed at MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), CYC (Cycorp), Deep Blue, TD-Gammon (IBM backgammon AI), the forest of sensors (MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory), and a 3-D scanner (University of Florida).


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