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Pioneers of computing: a series of recorded interviews

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Science Museum, London


audio cassette


This series of interviews covers the development of computing in Britain and the United States, including development of chief British machines such as the Pilot ACE, the Colossus, and the Manchester "Baby." The project was led by computing scientist Christopher Riche Evans with the support of the Science Museum.

The computer pioneers interviewed are:

Tape 1 - Donald W. Davies who talks about his research at the National Physical Laboratory on Pilot ACE and ACE.
Tape 2 - Konrad Zuse who describes his research in Germany in the 1930s and 40s, and the design and construction of his series of unuique machines Z1 to Z4.
Tape 3 - J Presper Eckert who talks about the early work at the Moore School, Pennsylvania, the construction of ENIAC and its successors.
Tape 4 - Jay Forrester, inventor of core memory, discussing early computer storage methods and the evolution of Whirwind 1.
Tape 5 - Tom Kilburn traces the history of computer development at Manchester University and the immportant links with Ferranti Ltd.
Tape 6 - John Pinkerton gives an account of the LEO team working for the catering firm J Lyons & Co.
Tape 7 - Frederic Williams describes the steps leading to the invention of the Williams Tube, and its application at Manchester University.
Tape 8 - John Mauchly, Eckert's partner at the Moor School, talks about the work leading up to ENIAC.
Tape 9 - Andrew Donald Booth discusses his pioneering work at Birkbeck College, London, particularly the magnetic drum store and the steps leading to the APE(X)C.
Tape 10 - Jim Wilkinson talks about the origins of the National Physical Laboratory computer project, and the people, including Turing, behind the design of Pilot ACE.




Gift of Tim and Lisa Robinson

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