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Atari manuals and documents

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Atari 400/800 manuals, Atari Logo and PILOT manuals, Atari internal proposals, Atari technical documents, Apple Logo manuals, and a draft manuscript of Chris Crawford's "The Art of Computer Game Design."

Includes documents:
EVA Proposal, August 1982
"Sierra", February 1983
Atari 400/800 Pilot Primer: The Pilot Programming Language Instruction Manual (1980)
Video Gamesmanship: The Rise and Fall and Rise of Atari (TWA Ambassador Magazine, August 1982)
Atari Computer Camps promotional brochures
Atari Home Computers Product Catalog, December 1982
Memory Utilization, Initialization, and Operating Environments or 23 Steps to get READY (Atari, 1982)
What Went Wrong at Atari: Lessons for Silicon Valley (San Jose Mercury News, November 6, 1983)
Atari 800 Atari Macro Assembler (1981)
A Guide to Computers in Education (Atari, 1982)
Atari Seminar, January 28-29, 1981, proceedings
ATARI Macro Assembler Ver 1.0A source code (undated)
Atari 400 & 800 Tech Handbook (undated)
Atari 400 Operators Manual (1979)
Atari 800 Field Service Manual Pre-Release Only Rev. 1 (1979)
Correspondence from Micropi to Atari regarding PILOT programming language (23 May 1973)
Atari 400/800 Light Pen Operator's Manual (1981)
Atari 410 Program Recorder Operators Manual (1979)
The Art of Computer Game Design by Chris Crawford, draft 2.0 (1982)
Atari Logo: Introduction to Programming Through Turtle Graphics (1983)
Atari Logo: Reference Manual (1983)
Atari Logo: Quick Reference Guide (1983)
Apple Logo: Introduction to Programming through Turtle Graphics (1982)
Apple Logo: Reference Manual (1982)
Atari 1981 Software Catalog (1980)
Atari 820 Printer Operators Manual (1979)
Atari 800 Operators Manual (1979)
Atari 400/800 Service Agreement (1979)
Atari 400/800 News Bits Number One and Two 1979
Atari PILOT with "Turtle" Graphics Pocket Reference Card (1981)
Atari 400/800 PILOT Demonstration Programs Users Guide (1981)
Atari 400/800 PILOT Primer: The PILOT Programming Language Instruction Manual (1980)
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Atari, A Warner Communications Company


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Gift of Harry B. Stewart

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