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Datapro 70 International, Microcomputers in Asia-Pacific, Feature Reports, Newsletters

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1977-1992; 1991; 1978-1987; 1992-1994


Datapro Research Group


Datapro 70, International Edition [continued from box #062312223]: Suppliers 70H, Contents (vol.3), Index SW01, User's Guide/Inquiry Service SW05, Software Concepts & Trends SW10, Application Development Tools SW15, Communications Software SW20, Data Base Management Systems (Aids) SW25, Data Management SW30, Operating Systems SW35, Performance Monitors & Security Systems SW40, System Enhancements SW45, Suppliers SW55, Newsletter 70Z "Datapro Newscom," "Datapro International Newsletter," "Datapro Rapport." Microcomputers in Asia-Pacific--A Special Report: Section 1 Country Reports, Section 2 Vendor Profiles, Section 3 Product Comparison Columns, "MicroFile" newsletter. Feature Reports: User Ratings of Computer Systems (70C-010-50), European User Ratings of Computer Systems (70C-010-51 to -54), All About Alphanumeric Display Terminals (70D2), All About Teleprinter Terminals (70D3), All About CAD/CAM (70D5), All About Winchester Disk Drives (70D6), All About Magnetic Tape and Disk Pack Maintenance Equipment (70D9), Directory of Suppliers (70H), All About Microcomputer Communications Software (C15-010), All About Alphanumeric Display Terminals (C25-010), All About Access Control Devices (C29-010), An Overview of Transmission Facilities (C31-010), All About Modems (C33-010), All About Multiplexers (C35-010), All About T1 Multiplexers (C35-010-751), All About Minicomputers (M11-050) [includes User Ratings of Computer Systems (70C-010-50)], All About Small Business Computers (M11-050), All About Microcomputer Disk Storage Units (M13-100-201), A Special Datapro Report (OL50-100-101), All About Word Processors (SC13-040), All About Copiers (S17-050, CD11-010), All About Personal Computers (SC10-100, SC20, SC30), All About Word Processors (WP11-040, SC13-040), Word Processing Systems User Ratings (WP11-045), All About Word Processing Software (WP35-010), User Ratings of Proprietary Software Complete, Newsletters: "Datapro Bulletin," "Imaging Analyst."



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