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Communications Systems, Computer Systems, CAD/CAM, CAE,Mini-Micro Computer Report

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1983-1985; 1984-1985; 1983-1986; 1979-1980


Data Decisions; Daratech, Inc.; Mini-MicroSystems; Dataquest Incorporated


Data Decisions. Communications Systems: Contents vol.1/ Index (100), User's Guide (150), Newsletter (200), Vendors (300), Technology Reports (400), User Ratings: System Software Ratings (510), Surveys-Communications Software (600), Surveys-Communications Systems: Distributed Computer Systems (710), Local Networks (711), Distributed Networks (712), Communications Processors (713), Terminals (720), Contents vol.2, Modems, Muxes & Support Equipment (730), Line Switches & Branch Exchanges (740), Facsimilie (750), Communication Test Equipment (760), Surveys-Communication Services-Carrier/Network Services (810), Products by Vendor (900): A-to-B (910), C (920), D (930), E-to-H (940), Contents vol.3, Products I (950), J-to-M (960), N-to-Q (970), R-to-S (980), T-to-Z (990), Contents vol.4/Index (1000), Glossary (1100), Technology Reports (1200), Surveys-Telecom Systems (1400): PBX Systems (1410), Key/Hybrid Systems (1420), Call Acounting Systems (1430), ACD Systems (1440), Integrated Voice/Data Terminals (1450), Voice Message Systems (1460), Telecom Software Systems (1480), Telecom Products by Vendor (1500). Computer Systems: Contents vol.1/Index, User's Guide, News, Technology, Vendors, Ratings, Personal/Microcomputers, Surveys-Computers, -PCM, -PCM Mainframes, -PCM Mass Storage, -PCM Magnetic Tape, -PCM Printers, Surveys-Software, -Terminals, -Communications, -Office, Products by Vendor: A-B, C, D, E-G, Contents vol.3, Products I, J-M, N-P, Q-S, T-Z. Daratech, Inc. CAD/CAM, CAE: Survey, Review and Buyers' Guide: Supplement Highlights & Filing Instructions, Contents, How To Use The Guide, Vendor Categories & Finding Lists, Index of Systems & Vendors, Who's Who, CAD/CAM/CAE Review Outlook, Market Trends & Statistics; Vendor & System Profiles, Supplementary Profiles, International Sales Office Directory. Mini-MicroSystems and Dataquest Inc. Eighth Annual Mini-Micro Computer Report, 1979-80 [includes pamphlet of Editorial Thrust & 1979 Editorial Content].



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