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Computer Charasterics Quarterly, Computer Display Review, Data Processing Equipment Encyclopedia, Computer Technology Reports

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1961-1966; 1967-1970; 1962-1963; 1972-1978


Adams Associates; Keydata Corporation; American Data Processing, Inc.; Auerbach Publishers, Inc.


Adams Associates. Computer Characteristics Quarterly, September 1961-July 1966. Adams Associates and Keydata Corporation. The Computer Display Review: Contents, I. Introduction, II. and III. Contributed Papers and Abstracts of Articles, IV. Alphanumeric Concole Display Equipment: Description and Analysis, V. Line-Drawing Console Display Equipment: Description and Analysis, VI. Recorders, Scanners and Integrated Systems, VII. Related Display Equipment, VII. and VIII. Contributed Papers and Abstracts of Articles, Appendices: A. Directory of Manufacturers, B. Time-Sharing, C. Editorial Notes, D. Bibliography, News from Adams Associates. American Data Processing, Inc. Data Processing Equipment Encyclopedia-Volume 1, Electromechanical Equipment: Master Index, Monthly Updating, Special Supplement-Thesaurus of the Names of Electronic Digital Computers and Data Processors, New Equipment Supplement IIA, Supplement III. Volume 2, Electronic Equipment: Master Index, Monthly Updating, Supplement IIA, Supplement III. Auerbach Publishers Inc. Auerbach Computer Technology Reports: Filing Instructions, Contents, Index, Data Communications Equipment Table of Contents (Segment K)--System Design, Communications Software, Communications Facilities, Communications Processing Equipment, Comm. Proc. Prod. Repts., Netqwork Control Systems, Multiplexers, TDM Multiplexers Spec Charts, FDM Multiplexers Spec Charts, Modems, Modems Spec Chart Tele Coupler, Communications Test Equipment. (Segment L): Filing Instructions, Contents, Teleprinters, A/N Displays, A/N Displays Prod. Repts., Remote Batch Terminals, Intelligent Terminals, Audio Response Systems, Facsimile Equipment.



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