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Standard EDP Reports, DataWorld, Computers & VARs in Europe, Connectivity in Europe, Telecommunications in Europe

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Auerbach Publishers Inc.,: Standard EDP Reports: Photocopies of 1963-1965 and 1966-1969 contents of Binder 1, "Mini-Computers for Real-Time Applications," D. J. Theis and L. C. Hobbes, Datamation, March 1969, pp. 39-61 (photocopy), WP Microcomputer Software: Market Survey and Analysis. Auerbach DataWorld, vol.1: Intro, Feedback & Dir. of Companies, Contents, How To..., General Purpose Computers, U.S. Systems, European Systems, Japanese Systems. Vol.2: Contents, How To..., Business Minis, U.S. SBCs, Non-U.S. SBCs, U.S. Office Computers, Non-U.S. Office Computers, General Purpose Minis--U.S. Minis, Non-U.S. Minis. Vol.3: Contents, How To..., Peripherals and Data Handling--Low-Sped Printers, High-Speed Printers, Memories, Mag Tape Systems, Disks, OCR, MICR, POS, Financial Terminals, Key-to-Storage, Word Processors--Software--Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, Inventory Control, Integrated Accounting, Operating System Enhancements, Data Base Management Systems Development, Graphics, IS&R, Performance Evaluations, Librarians. Vol.4: Contents, How To..., Data Communications--Data Comm. Software, Communications Facilities, Communications Processing Equipment, Multiplexing, Modems & Telephone Couplers, Teleprinters, A/N Displays, Remote Batch Terminals, Intelligent Terminals, Graphic Terminals, Audio Response, FAX. Auerbach Reporter (July and September 1980). INTECO Corporation. Computers & VARs in Europe, Vol. 1: Contents, Program Introduction, Strategic Overview, Economic Structure, Product List, Research Methodology, Forecasting Parameters, Market & Country Forecasts. Vol.2: Contents, Market Overview, Enterprise and Establishment Computing, Departmental Computing, Non-Business Markets, System Component Markets, Competition, VARs. Connectivity in Europe, Vol. 1, Forecasts & Methodology: Introduction, Definitions & Economic Structure, Demographics (missing at processing 12/2008), Product Examples, Methodology, Market Forecasts. Vol.2, Markets: Contents, Introduction, Microcomputer Panels (LAN Panels and Network Strategy Panels missing at processing 12/2008). Telecommunications in Europe, Vol. 1, Markets: Contents, Introduction, Demographics and Definitions, Product List, Fixed and Mobile Services, Competition, Research Methodology, Market Forecasts. (Volume 2 not found at processing 12/2008.)062312228 Telecommunications in Europe: Large Establishment Research Tabulations--Germany: Contents, Tabset II, Tabset IV.


1963-1969; 1986; 1977-1980; 1987-1989


Auerbach Publishers, Inc.; INTECO Corporation



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