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Hughes Aircraft airborne computer

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Huges Aircraft Company

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Other number #1245 Verso pencil
Other number 158811 Verso pencil crossed out


overall: 10 in x 8 in


B&W image of a pilot standing beside a fiter jet with a compartment door open to show the airborne computer.
Verso paper sticker: " Hughes Aircraft Company - Digitair Airborne Digital Computer
Credit:: Hughes Aircraft Compoany
Source: DAVA Still Photo. Depos.{"

Metadata: "Copied 16 April 1958 from print rec'd from SAF-IS-FE. Used in March-April issue of "The Airman Magszine:
Also filed - Electronics - Radar-Airborne - Digital computer.

158811 A.C. Hughes Aircraft Company has perfected a maniaturized airborne digital computer, which can fly a jet interceptor through all phases of supersonic combat, from take-off to touchdown. DIgitair, the trade name for the electronic marvel, works with coded information flashed to it by ground control stations and the aircraft's own radar system and performs or monitors such operations as actuating the aircraft's control surfaces to correct pitch and roll; commanding the pilot to regulate his speed; maintaining a constant check on available fuel and the distance the plan can fly under existing conditions; and providing the pilot with information on target range, azimuth, and elevation. It also supplies a method whereby the pilot can maintain a constant check on his accuracy and reliablility. Shown is the Digitair installed in the Consolidated-Vultee F-102 Delta Dagger."




Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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