Artifact Details


Paper tape reperforator

Catalog Number



Physical object


Teletype Corporation

Place Manufactured

Skokie, Ill.

Identifying Numbers

Model number MODEL 1832962 001 Etched on a metal housing on the object
Other number CODE DRP600 Etched on a metal plate on the left side
Other number SER 2854 Etched on a metal plate on the left side


overall: 18 1/4 in x 15 in x 20 in


The object is a machine on a metal frame with a power cord and a connector cord attached to it. The case for the object is missing. On the right side of the object is a tape reel with paper tape still attached. On a clear plastic cover on the tape reel are an operational diagram and several operational messages: "EMPTY CHAD BAG WHEN TAPE ROLL IS REPLACED," "FLATTEN TAPE ROLL BEFORE LOADING, and "TO POSITION DOOR FOR TAPE WIDTH, RELEASE LATCH AND PRESS IN DIRECTION OF ARROWS." A date on one of the parts indicates that it was made in 1962. On the front are a read head and a punch head. Also on the front is a take-up reel. A paper sticker attached to the front reads "digital DEC-8E-AMSSA-A-UA2 9/7/72."


I/O/paper tape device


Gift of Boston University Medical Center

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