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SHARK network computer - thin client

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The object is a prototype Digital Equipment Corp. SHARK network computer/thin client. It is a rectangular box with no features on top or bottom (except for a yellow label on the bottom that has "Attention: This unit is prototype equipment to be used for evaluation purposes and is to remain the property Digital Equipment Corporation. Compliance with all standards may not have been verified." in four languages.) and only ventilation grills on the left and right. The front has three slots for different sized media to be inserted. One appears to be for a ZIP-type cartridge. One is about 2.25 inches wide and is unclear what it accepts. The third slot has a snap-in plastic cover and appears to accept a printed circuit type card with a multi-pin connector. The back has connectors for: "TV", "S-Video", "VGA", "Parallel", "Serial", "Keyboard", "Mouse", "Power", "Game", "Head Phone", "Line Out", "Mic", and "Ethernet". In 1997, Digital Equipment Corp. (which became part of Compaq Computer Corp., which became part of HP) produced the DIGITAL Network Appliance Reference Design (DNARD), and published the hardware specifications for free use.


1998 ca.

Identifying Numbers

Other number 36-24278-01.B01 Printed on a yellow label on the bottom of the object
Other number N|C Painted on the front of the object, as some form of product logo
Other number PA5981357 Printed on a white bar-code label on the bottom of the object


overall: 2 1/8 in x 11 1/2 in x 9 7/8 in


Digital computer/other

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