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Leprechaun - Bell Labs Digital Computer

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Still image


1957 ca.


Bell Telephone Laboratories, Inc.

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Other number #1618 Verso pencil
Other number 25-4-21 Verso pencil - crossed out
Other number 255 Verso pencil - crossed out - paper sticker
Other number B1355/0-8 Verso pencil - crossed out


overall: 9 1/4 in x 8 in


B&W image of a man looking at a part of the BelLab's Leprechaun computer.
Metadata:" Public Relations Photo Service (201) 582-5661
Subject: Computeras
General - Leprechaun Number B 1355/9-8 C. 6.4-3
Date Taken: 1957
Source: Release, May 27, 1957

Background Information: Intricately wired assemblies, like the one which J.A. Githens of Bell Telephone laboratories is checking, form much of the inner works of LEPRECHAUN, a new digital computer. Developed at Bell labs under Air Force contract, this latest addition to the field of high-speed computers is distinguished by its low power and small size. It occupies only slightly more space than a home television set and requires less power to operate. One outstanding feature of the machine is that it can be used as a test model for proposed computer designs without building new equipment. While LEPRECHAUN is still in the experimental stage, the techniques developed are expected to have many future applications.


Publicity photograph


Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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