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Symbolics 3620

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B&W image of Symbolics 3620. The computer is on floor under a table with Display, keyboard and mouse on table. A modern chair is in front of table.
Verso attached metadata: "Compact Design -- The Symbolics 3620 is designed to address users' demands for increasingly powerful software development capabilites in smaller and more economical hardware packages. The new system is designed for entgry-level development and expandable delivery of symbolic processing applications. Well suited to any work environment, the 3620 can be configured for rack mounting or as a floor-standing pedestal. The minimum configuration includes a procesor, monochrome console with keyboard and mouse, 190-mb fixed disk, four megabytes of main memory, Ethernet interface and backplane. Price is $49,900. Options include up to 16MB memory, additional 190 MB fixed disk or cartridge tape, floating-point accelerator and printer support. Availability is immediate, with delivery within 90 days after receipt of order.
Contact Jim Neuman Senior Public Relations Specialist 4 New England Tech Center 555 Virginia Road Concord, Mass. 01742 (617) 894-3600 Roxanne St. Claire Gray Strayton International (617) 894-3100 Slug: Conpact Design Date 7/29/86 258-080/1937B"



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Other number 258-080/1937B Metadata


overall: 10 in x 8 in


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Courtesy of Gwen Bell

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