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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Media Laboratory Technical Reports

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)


Contents from an envelope addressed to Jonathan Bajak-

Epistemplogy and Learning Group:

Ackermann, Edith; 'From Deconxtualized to Situate Knowledge: Revisitng Piaget's Water-level Experiment.' 1990.
Ackermann, Editih;' Tools for Constructive Learning: Rethinking Interactivity, 1993.
Harel, Idit and Papert, Seymour; ' Software Design as a Learning Environment.' 1990.
Papert, Seymour; 'Perestrokia and Epistemological Politics*' 1990.
Papert, Seymour;' Computer Criticsim vs. Technocentric Thinking, 1990.
Papert, Seymour;' A Critique of Technocentrism in Thinking About the School of the Future, 1990.
Turkle, Sherry and Papert, Seymour; 'Epistempological Pluralism: Styles and Voices witin the Computer Culture', 1990.
Resnick, Mitchel and Ocko, Stephen;' LEGO/Logo: Learning through and about Design,' 1990.
Resnick, Mitchel;' Xylophones, Hamsters, and Fireworks: The Role of Diversity in Constructionist Activities, 1990.
Resnick, Mitchel and Martin, Fred;' Children and Aritfical Life, ' 1990.
Resnick, Mitchel; ' Overcoming the Centralized Mindset: Towards an Understanding of Emergent Phenomena, 1990.
Granott, Nira; ' Puzzled Minds and Weird Creatures: Phases in the Spontaneous Porcess of Knowledge Construction,' 1990.
Wilensky, Uri; ' Abstract Mediations on the Concrete and Concrete Implications for Mathematics Educatio,' 1991.
Hogg, David W., Martin, Fred, and Resnick, Mitchel; ' Bratenberg Creatures,' 1991.

Logo Memos: 1971-1981; paragraph descriptions of papers from the Epistemplogy and Learning Group (E&L Group).


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