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Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS)

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National Bureau of Standard, U.S. Department of Commerce


FIPS PUB 0; General Description of hte Federal Information Processing Standards Register; 1968.
FIPS PUB 1; Code for Information Interchange; 1968.
FIPS PUB 2; Perforated Tape Code for Information Interchange; 1968 (2 copies)
FIPS PUB 3; Recorders Magnetic tape for Information Interchange (800 CPI, NRZI); 1968.
FIPS PUB 4; Calendar Date; 1968.
FIPS PUB 7; Implementation of the Code for Information Interchange and Related Media Standards; 1969.
FIPS PUB 9; Congressional Districts of the United States; 1969.
FIPS PUB 14; Hollerith Punched Card Code; 1971.
FIPS PUB 15; Subsets of the Standard Code for Information Interchange; 1971.
FIPS PUB 20; Guidlines for Describing Information Interchange Formats; 1972.
FIPS PUB 12-1; Federal Information Processing Standards Index; 1972.
FIPS PUB 23; Objectives and re3quirements of the federal Information Processing Standards Program; 1973.
FIPS PUB 24; Flowchart Symbols and their usage in Information Processing; 1973.
FIPS PUB 25; Recroders Magnetic Tape for Information Interchange (1600 CPI, Phase Encoded); 1973.
FIPS PUB 26; One-Inch Perforated Paper Tape for Information Interchange; 1973.
FIPS PUB 3-1; Recorded Magnetic Tape for Informatin Interchange (800 CPI, NRZI); 1973.(2 copies)
FIPS PUB 8-4; Standard Metropolitan Statistical Areas; 1974.
FIPS PUB 30; Software Summary for Describing Computer Programs and Automated Data Systems; 1974.
FIPS PUB 31; Guidelines for Automatic Data Processing Physical Security and Risk Management; 1974.
FIPS PUB 32; Optical Character Recognintion Character Sets; 1974.( 2 copies)
FIPS PUB 33; Character Set for Handprinting; 1974.
FIPS PUB 58; List of Publications in the Federal Information Processing Standards Series; 1974.
FIPS PUB 12-2; Federal Information Processing Standards Index; 1974.
FIPS PUB 41; Computer Secruity Guidelines for Implementing the Privacy Act of 1974; 1975.
FIPS PUB 43; Aids for COBOL Program Conversion (FIPS PUB 21 to FIPS PUB 21-1); 1975.
FIPS PUB 38; Guidelines for Documentation of COmputer Programs and Automated Data Systems; 1976.
FIPS PUB 39; Glossary for Computers Systems Security; 1976.
FIPS PUB 40; Guidelines for Optical Character Recognition Forms; 1976.
FIPS PUB 44; COBOL Coding Form; 1976.
FIPS PUB 10-2; Countries, Dependencies, and Areas of Special Soverignty; 1976.
FIPS PUB 42-1; Guidelines for Benchmarking ADP Systems in the Competitive Procurement Environment; 1977.
FIPS PUB 48; Guidelines on Evaluation of Techniques for Automated Personal Indentification; 1977.
FIPS PUB 49; Guideline on Computer Performance Management: An Introduction; 1977.
FIPS PUB 1-1; American National Standard code for information interchange; 1977.
FIPS PUB 11-1; Dictionary for Information Processing; 1977.
FIPS PUB 54; Computer Output Microfomr (COM) Formats and Reduction Ratios, 16 mm AND 105 mm; 1978.
FIPS PUB 57; Guidelines for the Measurement of Interactive Computer Service Response Time and Turnaround Time; 1978.
FIPS PUB 58; Guideline for Managing Multivendor Plug-Compatible ADP Systems; 1978.
FIPS PUB 62; Operational Specifications for Magnetic Tape Subsytems; 1979.
FIPS PUB 67; Guideline for Slections of Data Entry Equipment; 1979.
FIPS PUB 6-3; Counties and County Equivalents of the States of the United States and the District of Columbia; 1979.
FIPS PUB 71; Advanced Data Communication Control Procedures (ADCCP); 1980.
FIPS PUB 72; Guidelines fo the Measurement of Remote Batch Computer Service; 1980.
FIPS PUB 73; Guidelines for Secruity Computer Applications; 1980.
FIPS PUB 68; Minimal Basic; 1980.
FIPS PUB 75; Gudieline on Construction Benchmarks for ADP System Acquistions; 1980.
FIPS PUB 70; Representation of Geographic Point Locations for Information Interchange; 1980.
FIPS PUB 81; Des Modes of Operation; 1980.
FIPS PUB 1-1; Code for Information Interchange; 1980.
FIPS PUB 86; Additional Controls for use with American National Standard Code for information Interchange; 1981.
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