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System 7 pro

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Apple Computer, Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Other number 030-2452-A Number on packing list
Other number 030-4176-A Number on Getting started with AppleScript booklet
Other number 030-4255-A Number on software registration card
Other number 030-4287-A Number on software license agreement
Other number 030-4288-A Number on 800K software availability notice
Other number 030-4289-A Number on Singer approval flyer
Other number 030-4470-A Number on special offers notice
Other number 030-4529-A Number on What's new in System 7 pro booklet
Other number 030-5102-A Number on PowerTalk user's guide
Other number 690-0149 A Number on PowerTalk disk
Other number 690-0150 A Number on PowerTalk 2 disk
Other number 690-0151 A Number on Install 2 disk
Other number 690-0701 A Number on Install 3 disk
Other number 690-0705 A Number on Tidbits disk
Other number 690-0715 A Number on Before you install disk
Other number 690-0716 A Number on AppleScript setup disk
Other number 690-0720 A Number on Disk Tools disk
Other number 690-0789 A Number on Install disk
Other number 690-0848 A Number on Fonts disk
Other number 690-0849 A Number on Printing disk
Other number 690-0894 A Number on QuickTime disk
Other number 826-2675-A Number on voucher



System Requirements

all Macintosh and PowerBook computer models except Macintosh plus, Macintosh 512K, Macintosh 128K, and Macintosh XL; a hard disk and 4MB of internal RAM; 5MB of RAM recommended


Packaged Software: 3.5


(12) 3.5 in. floppy disks (Before you install, Install, Install 2, Install 3, Tidbits, Printing, Fonts, PowerTalk, PowerTalk2, QuickTime, DiskTools, AppleScript setup)
(3) manuals (What's new in System 7 pro booklet, PowerTalk user's guide, Getting started with AppleScript booklet)
Software registration card
Software license agreement
If your computer does not have a 1.4 MB floppy disk (800K software availability notice)
How to obtain a Singer approval file flyer
Signer approval file voucher
Special limited-time offers from apple notice sheet
Special third-party offers and promotions envelope




Gift of Rick Andrews

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