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R:base for DOS trial pack

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(4) 5.25 system disks
(1) 5.25 FileGateway disk
(1) 5.25 FileGateway/Sample Data disk
(1) On-line Tutorial disk
(1) License Agreement
(1) command summary booklet
(1) Installation and Startup Guide booklet
(1) DB Graphics advertising leaflet
(1) Learning Guide




Microrim, Inc.

Identifying Numbers

Other number 91180JP1122 Stamped on back of filegateway and filegaeway/sample data disks
Other number 91181JP1123 Stamped on back of disks 1 and 2
Other number 92119JP1123 Stamped on back of disks 3 and 4
Other number 92156JP1031 Stamped on back of on-line tutorial disk
Other number LB8041-5-01 On disk 1 label
Other number LB8041-5-02 On disk 2 label
Other number LB8041-5-03 On disk 3 label
Other number LB8041-5-04 On disk 4 label
Other number LB8041-5-05 On filegateway disk label
Other number LB8041-5-06 On filegateway/sample data disk label
Other number LB8041-5-07 On on-line tutorial disk label
Other number MK4093-01 9/87 On DB Graphics advertising leaflet
Other number UD8002-00 On learning guide
Other number UD8005-00 12/87 On command summary booklet
Other number UD8021-00 2/88 On license agreement
Other number UD8022-00 INW1M389 On startup and installation guide booklet

System Requirements

PC DOS 2.0; PC DOS 3.3 for PS/2; IBM PC/XT/AT/Convertible, PS/2 or 100% compatible; 512K RAM; hard disk; 40-256 column IBM-compatible printer


Packaged Software: 5.25

Collection Title

Tim Rash software collection


Gift of Tim Rash

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