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International Telecommunication Union publications

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1985; 1977; 1981; 1989

The International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT)

International Telecommunication Union

Identifying Numbers

Deprecated CHM identification number QC 100.CCITT 1988 V.8.7 Blue book
Deprecated CHM identification number REF TK6005 I59 1977 v.3.1 Orange book
Deprecated CHM identification number REF TK6005.I59 1981.V.X.1 Yellow book
Deprecated CHM identification number TK 5105.CCITT 1984 v.3.5 Red book
ISBN 92-61-00351-6 Orange book
ISBN 92-61-01191-8 Yellow book
ISBN 92-61-02081-X Red book
ISBN 92-61-03721-6 Blue book


Full volume titles:
Red Book: Volume III - Fascicle III.5 Integrated Services Digital Network Recommendations of the Series I. VIIIth Plenary Assembly Malaga-Torremolinos, 8-19 October 1984

Sixth Plenary Assembly Geneva, 27 September - 8 October 1976. Orange Book: Volume III-1 Line Transmission

Yellow Book: Volume X - Fascicle X.1 Terms and Definitions. VIIth Plenary Assembly Geneva, 10-21 November 1980

Blue Book: Volume VIII - Fascicle VIII.7 Data Communications Networks Message Handling Systems Recommendations X.400-X.420. IXth Plenary Assembly, Melbourne, 14-25 November 1988