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Off Line Selectric Analyzer

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Identifying Numbers

Other number 310 Engraved on a metal plate on the left side of the metal box and also written on a piece of tape on the inside of the top section of the case
Other number CRESPO 206K Written on a piece of tape attached to the case under the handle
Part number P/N 9900227 On the top metal panel


overall: 6 in x 17 3/4 in x 13 in


The object consists of a metal box permanently housed in a leather case. The case has a typical briefcase conformation: the top opens on two hinges and closes with two latches that snap shut. A carrying handle is attached to the case between the two latches. The inside top of the case has two open pockets to hold paper documentation, and an open space next to the metal box holds the power cord, a connector cord, and other accessories. According to a label found with the object, the unit is for field engineering testing on an IBM Selectric II typewriter. According to another tag found with the object, the case is "weldron[R]" and was manufactured by the Barash Company, Inc., 380 Fifth Ave., New York 1, N.Y. The object's operational switches, dials, and lights are all on the top of the metal box. Sample labels include PARITY CHECK, PRINTER POLARITY, SINGLE CYCLE, START, ET MOTOR ON, DC-ON, and AC-ON. A caution label indicates that the user should not shift between LC and UC "while in run." Found with the object was a set of technical documents, titled "INSTRUCTION/REFERENCE MANUAL for the OFF LINE SELECTRIC ANALYZER."


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