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Control panel assembly

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Physical object

Identifying Numbers

Other number 57-40240- On the Amphenol connector
Other number DB-51226-1 CINCH number on the input connectors


Panel: 1 3/4 in x 19 in x 2 1/2 in


The panel assembly for an HP 2116B (WYLBUR) consists of a front panel with various wires and connectors extending from it. On the face of the panel there is a toggle switch, followed by a switch from "Wylbur" to "Normal", a input connector, and three option switch from "EXT" to "CRT" to "TTY", and a final switch labeled with a red sticker that indicates the options "WYL" and "Normal". From the panel extend five connectors. One is unconnected, another is labeled "DICOM CASETTE TAPE", another is a serial data input cable, a third is labeled "Off to rack destination unknown", and there are two others which are unlabeled.