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An Evening with the U.S. Digital Service Team

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Behind the scenes within the Obama Administration, the U.S. Digital Service (USDS) is quietly rethinking—and remaking—the way the federal government harnesses digital technology to serve the nation in the 21st Century. In this Revolutionaries evening, we will meet the brain trust behind this landmark initiative.

USDS was created in 2014 by the White House and is housed within the Office of Management and Budget. It began as a small team of digital experts who were recruited to repair the website. That elite digital team now works in collaboration with other government agencies to make websites more consumer friendly, to identify and fix problems, and to help upgrade the government’s technology infrastructure. Along the way they are saving taxpayers a lot of money as well.

We have assembled a panel of USDS leaders for a conversation with Museum CEO John Hollar about the great work they’re doing to basically redefine the experience of government. They will talk about how they were recruited and why they continue to serve, and what’s so powerful about the idea of "giving back." In addition, they have a steep recruitment goal to hit to help build an ongoing pipeline of tech talent bound for the nation's capitol – and the response to their pitch has been overwhelming.

This is going to be an inspirational evening you won’t want to miss.

We are pleased that KQED Radio will be onsite recording this program for broadcast on Thursday, January 21 at 8pm, and again on Saturday, January 23 at 3pm.

We are very pleased that CSPAN will be recording this program for future broadcast.

This event is part of the Museum’s acclaimed Revolutionaries speaker series, featuring renowned innovators, business and technology leaders, and authors in enthralling conversations often with leading journalists. Our audiences learn about the process of innovation, its risks and rewards, and failure that led to ultimate success.




Dickerson, Mikey, speaker
Gelobter, Lisa, speaker
Hartley, Hillary, speaker
Hollar, John C., moderator
Van Dyck, Haley, speaker


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CHM Present Revolutionaries


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