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Solid modeling symposium, tape 8 of 9

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From the original program:

Solid modeling...the ability to create true dimensional shows promise as being an integral part of Digital's mechanical design process. Solid modeling allows you to design with an unambigous, three dimensional description of a design, rather than a representation consisting of circles, lines and arcs. With a solid modeler, you gain the ability to quickly produce hidden line and shaded displays of your designs, not to mention providing the information needed to drive other parts of the Digital design process: finite element modeling and analysis; technical documentation; multi-axis machining; kinematics, and more.

Dick Anderson, manager of the CAD/CAM technology Center opened the morning session and introduced the keynote speaker, David Albert of ACG, who presented an up-to-date overview on the current state of the technology. Craig Jacobson and Eric Rehm of CCS discussed the progress to date of the Solid Modeling Evaluation (SME). The morning session concluded with a panel discussion and question and answer session.

The afternoon session consisted entirely of demonstration of a variety of vendor software, as well as showcasing internal software development efforts. The demonstrations ran simultaneously on both the GPX and 3500 workstation platform.

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