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Frank da Cruz Kermit records

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da Cruz, Frank

30.42 linear feet in 23 record cartons and 5 manuscript boxes


The Frank da Cruz Kermit records house the records of Columbia University’s 30-year Kermit Project. The Kermit Project is a computer file transfer/management protocol and communications software tools set. The project was named after the fictional character in The Muppet Show television series with permission from Henson Associates, Inc. Kermit began in 1981 as a way to facilitate interconnection of diverse computers at Columbia and transfer of data between them. It continued to evolve and be distributed until the project’s termination in July 2011 following creator Frank da Cruz’s departure from Columbia University.

This collection, which dates from 1968 to 2006, includes manuals, magazines, books, correspondence, software, hardware, visual media, and ephemera. Materials in this collection fall into two main categories: those primarily related to Kermit, such as documentation and manuals, and those pertaining to other tools and technologies used at Columbia University during that time period. The Kermit materials consist of project files, published books and manuals, publicity articles, and press clippings. The other technical materials relate to various tools and standards used in the development and support of Kermit. These subjects include ARPANET, character-set standards, proprietary character set specifications, Unicode, and CCITT/ITU-U. There is also documentation pertaining to modems and terminals used at Columbia during the time of the Kermit Project. A majority of these technical materials are books and manuals.

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Manual; Book; Promotional Material


File Transfer Protocol; Columbia University; Da Cruz, Frank, 1944-; Kermit Project

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Frank da Cruz Kermit records


Gift of Frank da Cruz

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