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Tucker patent notebook (#893)

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This volume contains proposals and results of experiments that led to a patent on the use of polycrystalline silicon technology for isolation in ICs. Specific entries include: a suggested polycrystalline structure (p. 1); process flow and SEM images, and electrical characteristics of MSAI material with various isolation variations (pp. 3 – 13); epitaxial silicon on sapphire process experiments (pp. 14-19); patent disclosure for U.S. patent 3736193 (below) is pinned to p. 24; poly and dielectric isolation investigations (pp. 26 – 56). A loose copy of a paper on Polycrystalline Silicon Technology by J. Schoeff of Motorola is inserted at front.




Tucker, Ross N.

Biographical Notes

Ross N. Tucker joined Fairchild circa 1962 where he led a technical group skilled in the analysis and solution of materials-related problems encountered in semiconductor processing. His work addressed the development of high-quality epitaxial deposition of thin layers of silicon, and the understanding of the properties of thin films of polycrystalline silicon. A 1966 R & D organization chart shows him as a Member of Technical Staff in the Materials and Processes Dept. He joined Intel in 1972 where he continued to research the relationship between crystalline defects and semiconductor device performance. He died in 1974. The Ross N. Tucker Award has been established to recognize U.C. Berkeley students whose work advances the technologies and uses of semiconductor, magnetic, optical or electronic materials.


Fairchild Semiconductor

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Document number 893


Approximately 27 dated entries over 56 pages.


12 x 10 inches


The author is named as inventor on 1 U.S. patent. This patent is assigned to Fairchild:

U.S. patent 3736193, “Single crystal-polycrystalline process for electrical isolation.” Filed 1969-07-29. Issued 1973-05-29.



Collection Title

Fairchild Semiconductor notebooks and technical papers


The author contributed to the following R&D Technical Reports (TR) and papers in professional publications during his service at Fairchild:

TR93 Silicon epitaxial (111) surface defects (1962-12-21).

TR117 Imperfections in epitaxial films (1963-05-17).

TR121 Stacking faults in epitaxial silicon (1963-05-31).

TR135 Silicon surface preparation (1963-09-03).

TR160 The tripyramid and raised triangle (111) diamond lattice imperfections in silicon Epitaxial Films (1964-03-04).

TR375 Phosphorus and arsenic doping of epitaxial silicon films in the 1000° to l200°C temperature range (1968-11-22).

TR491 Deposition and properties of polycrystalline silicon for silicon-gate technology (1970-10-16).

Kamins, T. I., Manoliu, J. and Tucker, R. N., Diffusion of Impurities in Polycrystalline Silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, vol 43, iss. 1 (1972): 83-91.

Lawrence, J. E. and Tucker, R. N., Tri-pyramid and raised-triangle (111) diamond lattice imperfections in silicon epitaxial films. Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 36, iss. 10 (1965): 3095-3101.


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