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Herndon patent notebook (#888)

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Herndon, Bill (William) H.

Biographical Notes

William (Bill) H. Herndon was born in San Francisco del Oro, Chihuahua, Mexico, in 1938. He received a B.S.E.E. from the University of Arizona, Tucson (1959) and an M.S.E.E. from Santa Clara University (1959). Prior to joining Fairchild he was employed by General Electric and Motorola- both in Phoenix, Arizona. He joined the Fairchild Mountain View facility in 1966 where he designed high-speed digital logic and memory integrated circuits, including the company’s first Isoplanar bipolar high-speed 256-bit SRAM in 1971. He worked for mediaprocessor start-up MicroUnity Systems circa 1991 and the Advanced Processor Division of Intergraph Corporation circa 1994.


Fairchild Semiconductor

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Document number 888


Approximately 48 dated entries over 79 pages.


12 x 10 inches


Describes CML and ECL circuits with schematics, proposed layout, and physical structures for high speed logic and storage applications, including level converters, sense amplifiers, output stages and storage cells optimized for low power consumption and small size.


The author is named as inventor on 16 U.S patents, including 12 patents assigned to Fairchild:

U.S. patent 4032902, “An improved semiconductor memory cell circuit and structure.” Filed 1975-10-30. Issued 1977-06-28.

U.S. patent 4104734, “Low voltage data retention bias circuitry for volatile memories.” Filed 1977-06-30. Issued 1978-08-01.

U.S. patent 4257059, “Inverse transistor coupled memory cell.” Filed 1978-12-20. Issued 1981-03-17.

U.S. patent 4484311, “Synchronous sense amplifier.” Filed 1982-06-10. Issued 1984-11-20.

U.S. patent 4488263, “Bypass circuit for word line cell discharge current.” Filed 1982-03-09. Issued 1984-12-11.

U.S. patent 4488350, “Method of making an integrated circuit bipolar memory cell.” Filed 1981-10-27. Issued 1984-12-18.

U.S. patent 4484311, “Synchronous sense amplifier.” Filed 1982-06-10. Issued 1984-11-20.

U.S. patent 4622575, “Integrated circuit bipolar memory cell.” Filed 1984-09-04. Issued 1986-11-11).

U.S. patent 4627034, “Memory cell power scavenging apparatus and method.” Filed 1984-11-09. Issued 1986-12-02.

U.S. patent 4713560, “Switched impedance emitter coupled logic gate.” Filed 1986-06-05. Issued 1987-12-15.

U.S. patent 4857772, “BIPMOS decoder circuit.” Filed 1987-04-27. Issued 1989-08-15.

U.S. patent 4868421, “Bimos circuit that provides low power dissipation and high transient drive.” Filed 1987-02-24. Issued 1989-09-19.



Collection Title

Fairchild Semiconductor notebooks and technical papers


The author contributed to the following papers in professional publications during his service at Fairchild:

Heald, R., Herndon, W., In-Nan Wu and Si-Yu Chen. A 15ns 64K bipolar SRAM. 1985 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference: Digest of Technical Papers, vol. XXVIII (1985): 50-51.

Herndon, W.H. Trends in bipolar static random access memory (SRAM) design.
Proceedings of the 1989 Bipolar Circuits and Technology Meeting (1989): 203-208.

Herndon, W., Ho, W. and Ramirez, R. A 4096 x 1 static bipolar RAM. 1977 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference: Digest of Technical Papers, vol. XX (1977): 68-69.

Vora, M., Chien, F., Burton, G., Koh, Y.E., Brown, R., Herndon, W. and Heald, R. A 2 micron high performance bipolar 64K ECL static RAM technology with 200 square microns contactless memory cell. 1984 International Electron Devices Meeting, vol. 30 (1984): 690-693.


Gift of Texas Instruments Incorporated

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