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Sklar patent notebook (#425)

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Sklar, Maija

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Maija Sklar was the first female engineer to be hired by Fairchild. She worked for Bruce Deal at Raytheon Semiconductor in Mountain View and followed him to Fairchild in 1963. She handled his experimental process runs primarily focused on understanding issues related to oxidation and its role in MOS instability and surface states. A 1966 organization chart shows Sklar as an Engineer A in the Surfaces-Device Theory section led by A. Grove that reported to C. Bittmann, head of the Solid State Physics Department. This section that included B. Deal, E. Snow, and R. Whittier resolved many of the fundamental technological issues associated with stable, commercial MOS devices. Her work was an important contributor to the 1967 paper “Characteristics of the surface-state charge (Qss) of thermally oxidized silicon” with Deal, Grove and Snow that is the fifth most frequently cited paper in the history of the Electrochemical Society. She retired from Fairchild in 1986.

Fairchild Semiconductor

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Document number 425

Approximately 195 dated entries over 57 pages.

12 x 10 inches


This volume contains detailed records of process runs managed by the author for Bruce Deal. Material type and processing steps are documented for runs designated BED-416 through BED-827. During this period Deal was working with Andy Grove and Ed Snow investigating the sources of MOS instability and surface state conditions. Several runs (1965-11-01, 1966-02-28, and 1966-03-01) were identified as for “Na analysis.” Technical Reports based on this work that were published during the period covered by this volume include TR211, and TR261. The latter was the first report to unequivocally characterize surface state charge in the Si-SiO2 system, and describe detailed processing approaches to control and minimize this charge and a 1967 conference paper (below) of the same name includes Sklar as an author.



Collection Title

Fairchild Semiconductor notebooks and technical papers


The author contributed to the following R&D Technical Reports (TR) and papers in professional publications during her service at Fairchild:

TR147 Surface channels on silicon. II. Optimum processing procedures for fabrication of MOS (1963-12-16).

TR174 Surface channels on silicon. IV. A detailed investigation of silicon surface characteristics (1964-05-19).

TR188 Thermal oxidation of heavily-doped silicon (1964-08-28).

TR211 Variations in surface charge density of MOS structures (1965-05-05).

TR261 Characteristics of the surface-state charge of thermally oxidized silicon (1966-08-11).

TR347 Effect of cleaning and drying procedures on MOS stability (1968-06-24).

TR369 Properties of phosphovapox part III (1968-12-06).

TR370 Properties of phosphovapox part IV (1969-06-20).

TR460 Measurement and control of Qo and Qss during processing of thermally oxidized silicon devices (1970-04-07).

TR514 Si-gate processing monitoring program (1971-06-04).

Deal, B. E., Sklar, M., Grove, A. S., and Snow, E. H. Characteristics of the surface-state charge (QSS) of thermally oxidized silicon. Journal of the Electrochemical Society, vol. 114, iss. 3 (1967): 266-274.


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