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Haas patent notebook (#22)

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Describes measurement methods and results on PNPN “triode” switching times and currents at request of Hoeni and Noyce. This work was used for preparation of Grinich/Haas 1959 paper below. Analysis of PNΠN characteristics of a PNP transistor (p. 78). Investigation of avalanche operation of an NPN transistor, see 1959 paper below (p. 88).

The other volumes are numbered 23, Lab1 and Lab2.




Haas, Isy

Biographical Notes

Isy Haas was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1934. He graduated with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Robert College (now Boğaziçi University), Turkey's leading public university, and an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Solid State Physics from Princeton University (1957). Haas joined Remington Rand Univac in Philadelphia as a circuit design engineer on the Univac computer family. He joined the Device Evaluation group under Vic Grinich at Fairchild Semiconductor in 1957. From 1959-1961 he worked closely with L. Kattner on the development of process technology for the Micrologic planar integrated circuit family. In 1961 he joined Jay Last at Amelco, a division of Teledyne. Haas left Teledyne in 1968 and started IC Design, a design service provider. He worked at General Instrument, located in Chandler, Arizona, on MOS research from1978 to 1980.


Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation

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Document number 22


Approximately 59 dated entries over 152 pages.


12 x 10 inches


The author is named as inventor on 6 U.S. patents. None are assigned to Fairchild.



Collection Title

Fairchild Semiconductor notebooks and technical papers


The author contributed to the following conference papers during his service at Fairchild:

Beeson, R. H., Haas, I. and Grinich, V. H., Thermal response of transistors in the avalanche mode. National Electronics Conference, 1959-10-12-1959-10-14. (Reprinted as Fairchild TP-6)

Grinich, V. and Haas, I., Application of p-n-π-n triode switches. 1959 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference Digest of Technical Papers, vol. II (1959): 52-53.

Grinich, V. H. and Haas, I., p-n-π-n triode switching applications. IRE Transactions on Electronic Computers, vol. EC-8, iss. 2 (1959): 108-113.

Norman, R., Last, J. and Haas, I., Solid-state micrologic elements. 1960 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference: Digest of Technical Papers, vol. III (1960): 82-83 (Reprinted as Fairchild TP-7).


Gift of Texas Instruments Incorporated

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