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Delfino patent notebook (#1981)

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This volume describes experiments on solar, laser and microwave induced annealing of silicon, silicon dioxide glass, silicon nitride, and other materials. “Surface annealing of Phosphosilicate glasses" (page 1); “Silicide structures for pulsed E-beam” (p. 6);”Infrared laser annealing” (p. 29); “Microwave annealing of spin-on oxide” (p. 34).




Delfino, Mike

Biographical Notes

Prior to joining Fairchild circa 1979, Michaelangelo (Mike) Delfino worked for Philips Laboratories, Briarcliff Manor, New York. At Fairchild he investigated silicon wafer annealing technologies using a variety of sources to circa 1983. In 1988 he is recorded as working for the Signetics Division of North American Philips Corp., Sunnyvale, California.


Fairchild Semiconductor

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Document number 79-1981


Approximately 22 dated entries over 46 pages


12 x 10 inches


The author is named as inventor on 2 U.S. patents. None were assigned to Fairchild.



Collection Title

Fairchild Semiconductor notebooks and technical papers


The author contributed to the following R&D Technical Reports (TR) and papers in professional publications during his service at Fairchild:

*Delfino, M., CO laser annealing of arsenic‐implanted silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 53, iss. 5 (1982): 3923 – 3925.

*Delfino, M., Laser activated flow for integrated circuit fabrication. Laser Processing of Semiconductor Devices, vol. Proceedings SPIE 0385, (1983-08-09): 32-37.

*Delfino, M., Phosphosilicate glass flow over aluminum in integrated circuit devices. IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 4, iss. 3 (1983): 54-56.

Delfino, M., Milgram, A. and Strathman, M. D., Epitaxial regrowth of silicon implanted with argon and boron. Applied Physics Letters, vol. 44, iss. 6 (1984): 594-596.

*Delfino, M. and Razouk, R. R., A four‐phase complex refractive index model of ion‐implantation damage: Optical constants of phosphorus implants in silicon. Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 52, iss. 1 (1981): 386-392.

*Delfino, M. and Reifsteck, T. A., CW laser activated flow applied to the planarization of metal‐oxide‐semiconductor field‐effect transistor structures. Applied Physics Letters, vol. 42, iss. 8 (1983): 715-717.

*Delfino, M. and Reifsteck, T. A., Laser activated flow of phosphosilicate glass in integrated circuit devices. IEEE Electron Device Letters, vol. 3, iss. 5 (1982): 116-118

Milgram, A. and Delfino, M., Effect of argon implantation on the activation of boron implanted in silicon. Applied Physics Letters, vol. 42, iss. 10 (1983): 878-880.

*Razouk, R. R., Delfino, M., Fulks, R. T., Powell, R. A. and Yep, T. O., Oxide charges induced in thermal silicon dioxide by scanning electron and laser beam annealing. Journal of Applied Physics, vol. 53, iss. 1 (1982): 800-803.

* This paper is included in a three volume bound set of “Fairchild Research Published Technical Papers” assembled by Bruce Deal in 1988 (copy in the CHM Fairchild collection).


Gift of Texas Instruments Incorporated

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