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Collection of copies of letters and articles by Robert W. Bemer

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Bremer, R. W.

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37 p.


Contents include:
1. Stanford letter to Bob Bemer from DEK, July 22, 1983, "thanks", with handwritten comments about fonts, back to DEK, 1 page
2. Bob Bemer Software, Inc.letter to DEK from RWB, 1983 July 16, 2 pages, listing enclosures
3. New Yorker interview with RWB, January 5, 1957, 1 page.
4. Cover and letter page from Scientific American, Jan 1967, 2 pages, letter from RWB, about timesharing and his paper Dec 1958, in Eastern Joint Computer Conference
5. Letter to George R Trimble, Jr, from RWB, 1968, July 1, 1 page about timesharing timeline.
6. Lorenzi, Dodds & Gunnill letter to RWB from Robert M. Dodds, March 28, 1967, 1 page, he says he proposed timesharing to IBM on Aug 7, 1949.
7. IBM memo to J. C. McPherson from RWB, April 6, 1959, 2 pages, about autotypography, and clipping from 7 Jan 1963, about LA Times using RCA 301 for typesetting.
8. Memo to M. R. Keith from John C. McPherson, April 8, 1959, 1 page, passing on autotypography memo.
9. Memo to RWB from M. A. Shader, May 5, 1959, 1 page. "No immediate impact on IBM product line."
10. Four short notes between Robert M. Baer and RWB, March 1962, when RWB was editor of CACM, 1 page.
11. IBM newsletter, Aug-Sept 1960, vol V, no 4. "Digital Code Compresses Information to Speed Data Communication"; about RWB, numbers assigned to words based on frequency. 2 pages
12. Clippings from Electronic News, Monday, June 6, 1960, IBM Develops Numeric Data Transmission. 1 page.
13. Letter to Charles W. Bachman from Patrick G. Skelly, 1982 March 1, re-nominating RWB for Turing award for his work on character escape sequences. 3 pages
14. ISO/TC 97 memo, 9 May 1962, by RWB, Programming language implications on coded character sets, 2 pages
15. Honeywell letter to Olie Sturen, Secretary General, ISO, from RWB, 1981 December 03, graphic for ISO's 8 bit character set, 4 pages
16. Honeywell letter to DEK from RWB, 1974 January 23, irked about this paper [next item] left out of timesharing bibliography in Computing Reviews, 1 page
17. How to Consider a Computer, by Robert W. Bemer, Automatic Control, March 1957, p 66-69, 5 pages
18. Remington Rand Univac letter to RWB from Dr. Grace Murray Hopper, 1 April 1957, delighted about paper [previous item], sending B-Zero [marketing: Flow-matic] material to him, 1 page
19. Oxford University letter to DEK from Chistopher Strachy, 1st May 1967, about paper "Time Sharing in Large Fast Computers" at pre IFIP conference in Paris in 1960, busy moving, cannot find notes, 1 page.
20. Memo to Professor P. M. Morse from John McCarthy, January 1, 1959, proposing a Quick Service Computer operating system on a forthcoming transistorized IBM 709 coming about July 1960, 5 pages.


Correspondence; Article

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Donald E. Knuth papers


Gift of Donald Knuth

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