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ACM SIGGRAPH 85 course notes; Introduction to the graphical kernel system "G.K.S."

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1985-07; 1983


Hopgood, F. R. A.; Duce, D.A.; Gallop, J.R.; Sutcliffe, D.C.


ACM SIGGRAPH; Academic Press, Inc.


ACM SIGGRAPH 85 course notes, incomplete set missing volumes 3, 7, 12, and 21.
1 Introduction to computer graphics
2 Introduction to color raster graphics
3 missing
4 How to design computer-user interfaces
5 Advanced topics - human factors in computer graphics systems
6 Implementing GKS - architecture and algorithms
7 missing
8 How to evaluate and shop for computer graphics hardware
9 Introduction to computer animation
10 Advanced computer animation
11 State of the art in image synthesis
12 missing
13 True three-dimensional display technology and techniques for computer generated images
14 High performance image generation systems
15 Fractals: basic concepts, computation and rendering
16 Geometry for computer graphics and computer aided design
17 The use of B-splines and beta-splines to model freeform curves and surfaces
18 Introduction to solid modeling
19 Advanced topics in solid modeling
20 VLSI for computer graphics
21 missing
22 Today's problemsolvers: graphics workstations
23 Aesthetic issues in computer graphic art for mass media
24 Computer animation using video techniques
25 Quadtrees, octrees and related hierarchical data structures
26 Introduction to image processing
27 Building scientific and engineering graphics applications
Box also includes a copy of "Introduction to the Graphical Kernel System 'G.K.S'" authored by Hopgood, Duce, Gallop and Sutcliffe (Academic Press, Inc., 1983) found with SIGGRAPH 85 course note 6.


Conference Proceedings; Book


Gift of Michael Perani

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