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ACM SIGGRAPH 94 course notes

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ACM SIGGRAPH 94 course notes, volumes 1-25 are stored in Box 10. Course notes volumes 26-32 are stored in Box 11.
1 Animation tricks
2 Developing advanced virtual reality applications
3 Computer vision for computer graphics
4 Advanced techniques for scientific visualization
5 How to produce your own CD-ROM
6 Introduction to video and audio compression techniques
7 Digital illusion: distributed interactive entertainment
8 Procedural modeling, texturing, and rendering techniques
9 Character animation systems
10 Introduction to volume visualization -- imaging multi-dimensional scientific data
11 Wavelets and their applications in computer graphics
12 Sound synchronization and synthesis for computer animation and virtual reality
13 New directions for fractal modeling in computer graphics
14 Designing real-time graphics for entertainment
15 Programming distributed 3D graphics in a PEX environment
16 Visualizing multi-dimensional geometry and applications to multi-variate problems
17 Programming virtual worlds
18 Fundamentals and overview of computer graphics
19 Introduction to perception-based visualization
20 Graphic design for usable user interfaces
21 Programming for Open Inventor, an object-oriented OpenGL toolkit
22 Modeling natural phenomena
23 Computational representations of geometry
24 Three-dimensional visualization of medical data
25 High-technology marketing: key concepts for bringing new technology to market
26 The science of digital color
27 Visualizing and examining large scientific datasets: a focus on the physical and natural sciences
28 Advanced topics in radiosity
29 Copyright protection for software, graphics, and multimedia
30 The OpenGL graphics interface
31 Taking the leap: the profits and pitfalls of entrepreneurial venturing
32 An introduction to physically based modeling






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