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International Business Machines magazine advertisements

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'Ghost writers' for computers : behind the scenes, IBM programmers cut costs for customers

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'Ghost writers' for computers : expert IBM programmers help customers cut costs

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5 new products IBM

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A "giant brain" that's strictly business

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Flying figures cut business costs

Document Titles

How to put the big board on a small screen.

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IBM 650 new "business-minded" electronic computer now serves 9,000,000 John Hancock policyholders

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IBM data processing

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Key to the first all-transistor calculator offered to business!

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Now thousands of IBM electronic business machines are speeding America's business

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Record the voice of your business

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Speeding business through electronics...

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Today... experiment without peril

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Today... facts are what count

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ca. 1948; ca. 1953; ca. 1959; ca. 1951; 1954-05; 1955-01; 1955-06; 1961-03; ca. 1958; ca. 1982


International Business Machines (IBM)


"Flying figures..." appeared in Fortune, May 1954.
"IBM 650..." appeared in Fortune, January 1955.
"Key to the first..." appeared in Fortune, June 1955.
"How to put the big board..." appeared in The New Yorker.


Promotional Material

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Grant Saviers collection


Gift of Grant Saviers

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