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Remington Rand magazine advertisements

Document Titles Univac's speed is doubled!

Document Titles

Doubling Univac's speed!

Document Titles

Pacific Mutual & Univac

Document Titles

Remington Rand Univac electronic computers now make available... faster fact-power for management

Document Titles

Sylvania & Univac

Document Titles

They're building profit-power into this electronic brain

Document Titles

To you who would like to be right every time

Document Titles

U.S. Steel & Univac

Document Titles

Univac at General Electric (Appliance Park)

Document Titles

Univac for finding lost moons or lost dollars

Document Titles

UNIVAC...changing the course of business history!

Document Titles

Westinghouse & Univac

Document Titles

You, too, can profit with push-button accounting

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1953-07; 1954-03; 1954-09; 1955-01; 1955-12; 1956-07; 1956-08; ca. 1955


Remington Rand; Remington Rand, Inc.; Remington Rand Division of Sperry Rand Corporation; Remington Rand Univac Division of Sperry Rand Corporation


"Remington Rand Univac electronic computers..." appeared in Fortune, July 1953.
"You, too, can profit..." appeared in Fortune, March 1954.
"To you who would like..." appeared in Fortune, September 1954.
"UNIVAC...changing the course..." appeared in Fortune, January 1955.
" Univac's speed is doubled!" appeared in Fortune, December 1955.
"Univac at General Electric (Appliance Park)" appeared in Fortune, July 1956.
"Sylvania & Univac" appeared in Fortune, August 1956.


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Grant Saviers collection


Gift of Grant Saviers

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