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1954; 1956-1957; 1959


Murdock, Walt; Hartigan, R.C.; Grad, Burt; Gable, John L.; Kavanagh, T.F.


Multiple items in 3 folders:
List of Potential Projects, Ideas, Suggested "How to Do It" Reports
Letter to Burt Grad from Walt Murdock
Inventory Control Notes
Mathematical Formulae
Predicting Future Requirements
"Keep Your Inventory Carrying Costs Down" by Hartigan and Grad
"Cost of Processing an Order"
Draft - "Dispatching by Computer"
Risk - Gain Curve
Cost and Expense Reduction Notes and Instruction Outline
Notes on Performing an ABC Analysis for Inventory Control Purposes
Labor Input Determination Notes
Notes and Formulae on Turnover Analysis
Application of a Generalized Factory Model, Scheduling Document
Thoughts on "Manufacturing Cycle Efficiency"
Notes on Additional Projects
Notes on Product Explosion
Machine Assignment Industry Control
Production Control Rules
An Analytical Study of the Pure Assembly Line Model
General Systems Representation
Explosion Plan Notes
Correspondence with Collins Radio Co., 1957
ISP statistics: 4 Month Orders Received Summary
Four Measures of System Performance
"Multiple Decision Criteria - A Computational Procedure" by Burton Grad (draft) - December, 1959
Notes for Presentation to ISP Pilot Workshop by Burt Grad
TABFOR notes - November 5, 1958
Ideas: "The Planning of a Total Business," "Stock Quantity Determination," "Distribution of Costs," "Storage of Blueprints" and others
3 docs: A facilities Planning Problem, Communications, Product Structure Analysis
Profit/Sales Formulae
Generalized Table Approach
Integrated Systems Project Papers
File memos: Use of Condensed Card, Specifications for Manufacture, Product Stability..., Concept of Project Limitations, Liquidation of Overhead, Scheduling Maintenance of Machine Tools, Receiving, Concept for Information Transference, Automation of Operation Planning, Forms Analysis, Decision Making, Functions Outside of Operating Department, Operations Structure, Customer Specification, Departmental Cash Control, Factory Control and Feedback, Ideas on Cost, Communications, Auditing, Factory Automation, Description of Files, 39 frame Motors, Customers' Specifications, Total Impact of Plant Automation.
Letter to J. A. Zegers from Burt Grad re: inventory control plan - November 12, 1956
Letter to H. Wolte from BG re: information transmission standards, April 11, 1957
"The Significance of Buffer Stocks" by Burton Grad, August 9, 1957, April 15, 1957
"Project Ideas"
Miscellaneous pages of jottings, etc.


Notebooks; Article; Technical Paper or Note; Memoranda

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Burt Grad General Electric and IBM records

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General Electric records


Gift of Burton Grad

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