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Recomp II Versatape Punch

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Autonetics Division of North American Aviation, Inc.

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Identifying Numbers

Other number 0350 Stamped on metal inventory sticker on top of unit
Other number 10250 Stamped in metal on bottom of unit
Part number 44387-501 Embossed on metalic sticker on back of unit
Serial number A002 Embossed on metalic sticker on back of unit


overall: 9 7/8 in x 11 3/4 in x 15 3/4 in


A paper tape punch is located at the front of the unit. It is intended to hang over the edge of a table. There is a bracket to hold a chad box below the punch. The back of the unit has two interface connectors (one male, one female), a 110V power cord, a fuse holder, an ON-OFF switch, and a switch labeled "TYPE". Also on the back is a plug in module labeled "CLARY PROGRAM CARTRIDGE, Decimal Integer, Autonetics". The inventory tag is from Ohio Institute of Technology, Alum Creek Dr., Col., Ohio.. A sticker indicates that it was inventoried in FY '70. This is part of the VERSATAPE system which allowed paper tapes for the Recomp computer to be prepared offline.


I/O/paper tape


Gift of Karl Kirk

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