Artifact Details


Flip Chip M8294 circuit board

Catalog Number



Physical object


Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)

Identifying Numbers

Model number M8294 Printed in white on face of handle
Other number 1953 Printed on component side of board
Other number 32K Printed on solder side of board
Other number 5010700D Printed on solder side of board
Other number 625D Printed on solder side of one handle


overall: 1/2 in x 11 in x 9 in


One (1) M8294 circuit board with four magenta plastic extraction handles, each attached by two rivets. The handles read "digital" in raised letters on the solder-side. The board on the solder-side reads "32 K UNIBUS TIMING M8294 5010700D" along the left edge. A small, round, white sticker on the left-most handle reads "NOV 78 OEM". "FLIP CHIP" is printed between the rivets of the middle-right handle on the component-side. To the left, a rectangular paper sticker has "M07221039" handwritten in ink. There are six black inspection stamps; one circle, three squares, and two triangles. "MAY 17 1976" is stamped in black near the left-most handle, component side.