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7401A circuit board

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Pro-log Corporation

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Identifying Numbers

Model number 7401A Found in the middle of the edge on the component side
Other number 001 Printed in white immediately to the right of the assembly number
Other number 294 Printed on the solder side of the board on the edge
Other number 7401A-60 Printed in black on the face of the extraction lever
Other number Assy 11036 Printed in white on the opposite edge of the component side near the insertion end
Other number PWB 110372002 Found on the edge of the solder side of the board
Other number REV B Found on the edge of the solder side of the board


overall: 5/8 in x 4 1/2 in x 11 3/4 in


This double sided 7401A circuit board has a large "thermocouple input" with two check boxes. The one labeled "60Hz" is checked. Below that module are two rows of integrated circuits with some passive components. In the first row below the module there is a 522.24K crystal with "MF" stamped on the top. The "thermocouple" has three accessible resistors near the extraction lever. On the insertion end a the lower corner there is a green sticker. On the solder side there are two quality control stamps.


Component/circuit board


Gift of Warren Yogi

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